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September 2012 Biblical Studies Carnival

September 30, 2012

Tim Bulkeley has the latest “Biblical Studies Carnival” up and links to a number of interesting articles. We’d like to thank him for referring there to us here as “the kind people at BLT.”

But we also are grateful to Tim for introducing, in the intro of his post “September: Spring comes to Biblical Blogaria,” several new bloggers.  Yes, it’s Spring, and so he starts:

Among the first signs of spring we expect the first of the season’s crop of new blogs, as the northern hemisphere returns to work after their long lazy summer. Among the first to appear this spring The Jesus Blog, features Anthony Le Donne and Chris Keith. The handsome design includes an array of portraits of the great man (Jesus, I assume, not Ant hony or even Keith). Another from Francesca Stavrakopoulou of the University of Exeter first appeared late in the month, it began with a sort of brief manifesto for the innovative Liberal Arts program Francesca directs. Margaret Mowczko’s New Life  (though it is not new) was new to me, she focuses on reading the Bible as a woman and has interesting thoughts on The Portrayal of Women in the Bible and Biblical Inspiration.

I think you’ll notice how he doesn’t only or even mainly feature male bloggers, which is quite refreshing.  Nonetheless, it’s not “The End of Men” in the Biblical Studies Carnival by any stretch; and some of us kind people may have to say more on this soon.

You should have your say too; so for the next Carnival (the October 2012 one), we invite you to write and also to nominate the best Biblical Studies posts of next month.  We are happy to follow Tim’s hosting and will be highlighting your posts in that next carnival here at BLT.

Do go read the rest of the September 2012 Biblical Studies Carnival at Tim’s Sansblogue.

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