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Marg Mowczko reviews “Valiant or Virtuous?” by Suzanne McCarthy

October 14, 2019

Marg Mowczko has written her endorsement of Valiant or Virtuous?: Gender Bias in Bible Translation by Suzanne McCarthy; the publisher has it on the book jacket:

Suzanne McCarthy believed that “Women need to see themselves represented fairly in scripture.” To this end, she has used her expertise as a linguist to discover what the original authors of the Bible say about women. Suzanne is faithful to the Hebrew and Greek texts while highlighting shortcomings in translations and interpretations. Valiant or Virtuous? is like no other book I have read, and I am happy to recommend it.

And she’s posted a fuller review at, a snippet of which goes like this:

And there are personal anecdotes that, overall, give the book a warm, friendly and homey tone.

At times, however, Suzanne is relentless in her critique of interpretations given by certain ministers, especially some prominent Southern Baptist pastors and professors. For example, she shows convincingly…

Read the full review here.

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