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Translation makes us fall in love.

September 29, 2012

Tomorrow is International Translation Day.  Here, then, are “10 Ways Translation Shapes Your Life” as Nataly Kelly has identified them:

10. Translation makes us fall in love.

9. Translation feeds the world.

8. Translation tests our faith.

7. Translation entertains us.

6. Translation fuels the economy.

5. Translation creates jobs.

4. Translation elects world leaders.

3. Translation keeps the peace.

2. Translation prevents terror.

1. Translation saves lives.

Kelly elaborates these actions of translation in her co-written book (with Jost Zetzsche), Found in Translation:

And to give a bit of a pre-view summary, Kelly has written her thought provoking essay (mentioned), “10 Ways Translation Shapes Your Life,” which you can read fully here.



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