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Forthcoming book: Willis Barnstone’s “The Poems of Jesus Christ.”

November 16, 2011

9780393083576_300I note from this brief bio of Willis Barnstone (noted in my previous post) that he has a forthcoming book, The Poems of Jesus Christ.  The Amazon blurb states:

The words of Jesus Christ are restored to their original poetic form in this extraordinary volume.

Jesus Christ, whose teachings have been on the lips of millions for two millennia, is revealed here as one of the greatest poets of all time. What happened to deafen us to the poetic nature of his words? In migrating from Aramaic speech into written Greek translation, and later into English translation, the lyrics got locked up as prose.

In The Poems of Jesus Christ Willis Barnstone unveils the essential poetry of the Gospels by taking the direct speech of Jesus from Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, and lineating and titling Jesus’s words as individual poems. Jesus’s poems are wisdom lyrics and narrative parables, rich with garden, animal, and nature imagery. Austere and poignant, they carry the totality of the Gospels’ message through the intensity of a single voice––the Gospel of Jesus.

From this brief description it seems like this will be an excerpt of the “red letter parts” of his Restored New Testament.  (For the record, Barnstone’s Restored New Testament does not actually contain any text in red letters.)


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