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Suzanne McCarthy et al, on or in “The Biblioblog Top 50 for June 2018”

June 30, 2018

Some years ago, Suzanne McCarthy wrote this on or in a blog post:

I decided some time ago to completely ignore the list of top 50 biblioblogs. I was just being a pain about it, and I didn’t want to foist my irritation on others ad infinitum. So imagine my astonishment on finding out that somebody, or a collection of somebody’s, has voted this blog among the top ten biblioblogs. Shoot, now I am going to have to improve my manners and act like one of the gang. No more crankypants!

The top 50, way back then, was mainly a gentleman’s club, a nearly all male country club set. Yesterday, this thing continued. And it lists the lot of us here at BLT, including the late Suzanne we must presume, as “J. K. Gayle et al.” Well, we who are still here blogging with her in spirit, don’t know how, as she didn’t either, “to completely ignore the list of top 50 biblioblogs.”

We do remember well Suzanne McCarthy and her many helpful thoughts and blogposts and comments on the Bible and hope soon to make an announcement about something related to her and her thinking and writing.

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