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Questionnaire for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family: A Close Read

December 7, 2013

Over at Gaudete Theology, I’ve done a fairly close read of the questionnaire that is part of the Preparatory Document for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that Pope Francis has called for October 2014. This is the questionnaire that caused

a flurry of media and blog coverage about whether this was the first time such a thing had ever been done, whether it amounted to a survey on church doctrine, which bishops’ conferences and individual bishops were posting the survey online for easy lay participation, which were not, which were posting something kind of like the survey but simplified (and possibly slanted), and which lay groups were doing the same.

I discuss these issues, and go through the questionnaire in some detail, providing commentary and interpretation of the questions and the overall effort.

Although the blog post is oriented towards, and contains some advice for, Catholics who are encouraged to respond to the questionnaire, it may be of interest to anyone who would like to follow what the Catholic church is doing in this area.

The blog post is titled

Advise the Bishops about Marriage and Family Life

because that is what Catholics are being asked to do by means of this document. If you’re interested, please click through to read and discuss it there.

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