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Frankenstein Changes

October 31, 2013

Over the past few days, and hours, there’s come news about the manuscripts of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein being digitized. See the Washington Post’s It’s alive — and digital!; the New York Times’ ‘Frankenstein’ Manuscript Comes Alive in Online Shelley Archive; the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Frankenstein’s Manuscript Draws Its First Breath Online; and The Shelly-Godwin Archive’s very own home-page announcement:

Please note that this is a temporary site that will only be active until we officially go live at 8:00 pm on Thursday, October 31st. Please visit us again after that time.

If you’re here and can’t wait the few more hours, then there is one preview image up already on this page:

I thought it interesting to see what Frankenstein changes Mary Shelley, or her editor(s), made from this handwritten manuscript to the January 1, 1869 print edition. The latter can be found in google books / google play, in the Project Gutenburg, and via for the Kindle. I’ve highlighted the changes in the texts from hand to print, below. What do you make of them?


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  1. November 1, 2013 6:25 pm

    Indeed, after 8pm last Halloween, we see another manuscript, a later handwritten one of the same page, with more changes, closer to the typeset and published version:|q:Switzerland

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