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The NA28-NRSV-REB text

September 23, 2013

At long last, I have a copy of the new NA28-NRSV-REB parallel New Testament in my hands.

(My copy cost $47.69 from from a US IP address, the current price from that same website is $51.53.  I’ve written before about value in checking Book Depository’s differing prices on its many different web sites.) 

One oddity to me is on the copyright page, which says “2nd Corrected Printing 2013.”  I don’t know what the differences are between the first and second printings of the NA28.

The book is nicely done – with color Bible maps on the endpapers (“Palestine in Old Testament Times,” “The Area Around Jerusalem in Old Testament Times,” “Palestine in New Testament Times,” “The Ancient Near East in Old Testament Times,” “The Journeys of the Apostle Paul”), a small pamphlet listing common witnesses, critical signs in the text, and signs and abbreviations in the apparatus); the standard English introduction (including the Eusebius’s Section and Canon numbers and Eusebius’s letter to Carpian) and the standard four appendices (“Greek and Latin Manuscripts,” “List of Textual Differences,” “Citations in the Text” (to the Hebrew Bible [using both Septuagint and Hebrew chapter/verse numbering], Old Testament, and non-Christian Greek writers), and “Signs and Abbreviations.”

Unlike the previous NA27/RSV diglot, which included an apparatus listing differences in major English Bible translations, this version offers two English versions (NRSV and REB) together with their footnotes.  Section headings are taken from the NRSV, while paragraphing is adapted to the Greek text. 

I have not yet decided if I like this edition, or if it is an improvement to the venerable NA27 diglot.  The inclusion of two translations is a plus, as is the choice of the NRSV rather than the RSV, but the loss of the English apparatus is step backwards.

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