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Blog Things: Moving On

June 28, 2013


Without getting too ambiguously punny, I want to note a couple of blog things.

First, as Theophrastus announced some time ago, google is moving on to other things and is leaving us without google reader. Anyone who uses it is advised before the month’s end Sunday, July 30, 2013 to make an archive of your things at google takeout, If you read this blog via google reader, and want to continue with something like that, then you may also hope for something that looks and acts a bit like google reader, something like feedly,, which is what I’ve switched to. And if you ever think that we blt bloggers are just moving on, then do know that we promise we will try to give you as much advance notice as the google reader people gave all of us.


Second, just in case this makes anybody feel any better, somebody (going by the name N. T. Wrong of “biblioblog” fame or infamy) recently posted at to announce that “something is happening soon.” To Rod blogging at Political Jesus it meant the question of “Signs of Life for the Biblioblog Top 50?” To James blogging at Exploring Our Matrix it meant the exclamation “NT Wrong is Back!” He’d been “On The Trail Of NT Wrong” taking part in a search to uncover the real person behind the pseudonym. You can see the excitement, but it was not always like that, not for everybody. Once a blogger blogged this about the satirical blogger of the Bible (and you can infer hoped that the second would actually just move on and never come back):


What you may not know, if you care or not about any of this, is that the blog where that was first written is where the blogger wrote a post announcing “Blogging is Dead” and later said so in a follow up post where he reminisced a little (cached by google here for anybody who cares not to move on). That real live blogger about the death of blogging is David Ker, who’s been blogged about at BLT this year. (Theophrastus wrote that, although BLT’s own Suzanne at one point co-blogged with David at an other blog that’s pretty defunct now, and David guest posted at on old blog of mine once upon a time; then Suzanne, and I too, moved on to this blog, where David, of course, has only been blogged about.)

So what of that announcement that “something is happening soon”? It appears that whoever is categorizing blogs at biblioblogs and is ranking them in a or the “Complete List of Biblioblogs” has included this very blog as part of that whole in the part that is the number “1” specific category, “General Biblical Studies,” and that is 1 of the short-list “Top 20” blogs that are biblioblogs in the whole of this “Complete” list.  If you care, then please go here:  And do note the excitement and the question and the humor, before we all move on:


2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 29, 2013 11:22 pm

    I don’t think Ker is Wrong. 😉

  2. June 30, 2013 7:31 am

    You couldn’t think Ker is Wright either, could you? 🙂

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