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Book sales (Eerdmans)

March 7, 2013

There are some interesting volumes on sale as part of Eerdmans’ Inventory Reduction Sale.   The volumes are 60% off list price.

One volume that should have wide appeal is

  • Martinez and Tigchelaar’s Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition (2 volumes) with Hebrew-Aramaic and English translation ($40).  This is my go-to transcription of the DSS. 

Other DSS titles include

I notice also Dozeman’s commentary on Exodus is on sale for $24; volumes 2 and 3 of Henri Lubac’s excellent Medieval Exegesis is on sale for $20 and $24 (you can pick up volume 1 from for $35.75 and free shipping worldwide); and volumes 2 and 3 of Alister McGrath’s Scientific Theology are available for $20 each (volume 1 appears to be out of print, but readily available new and used from Amazon sellers.)

For those of you who enjoy reading Nazi literature, there is the infamous mass murder’s Gerhard Kittel’s  Theological Dictionary of the New Testament on sale (Kittel died before his Nuremburg trial) on sale. 

Eerdmans appears to offer free shipping to the US for orders placed with a credit card.

I might also mention here that the NA27/NET Bible New Testament (Greek-English) diglot is on sale for $25, which I think is the cheapest price I’ve ever seen for a NA27 with full apparatus and appendices.  The reason why I like it, though, is that features 20% larger print than standard NA27-28 diglots, and thus is much easier to read.

My co-blogger Suzanne has pointed out some serious shortcomings of the NET Bible translation and notes, particular as relates to issues of gender, so if you are heavily relying on the English translation, you may be better off buying a (more expensive and smaller) RSV-NA27 diglot or NRSV/REB-NA28 diglot instead (Amazon claims that the latter will be released on April 28 – it looks very promising.)


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