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group reading of Greek Isaiah

December 9, 2012

Abram K-J, blogger at Words on the Word, has started a group reading “Greek Isaiah in a Year.”  He has invited others to participate via social media:

Greek Isaiah in a Year on Facebook is the central place for discussion, helpful files, questions, companions, etc. Come join in!

In addition to the Facebook group, Abram has also provided “the reading plan, free online LXX texts, and more resources“; his related blog posts can be found at

Today ends week 1 of 52, with discussions and posts over the first 25 verses winding down. There are more than 160 members in the fb group with a few observations made there. And there are so far just a few blog posts such as Brian LePort’s “Reading the Book of Isaiah, LXX: 1:1-25” and my own “language of generation in 1:1-25 of Ἠσαῒας for ישעיה” and “plethora and plenty, the pronounced primary Pi.”  LePort is mainly looking at lexical difference between the MT and the LXX; I’m keying in on the literary differences the Greek makes (such as using ambiguous generative metaphors and marking the Hellene Isaiah as Homeric, with alliterative playful pronunciations using the initial letter /voiceless bi labial stop / π).

If you know of more posts for this week, then please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll update this post with the links.  From time to time, through the remaining weeks of this reading year, I’ll try to give further updates with general observations.  Especially as the New Testament quotes LXX Isaiah (moving from Judaism to Christianity), the comments will likely be fascinating and important.

[UPDATE:  Suzanne, here at BLT, has jumped right in on the week 2 – day 6 – reading with a post up entitled “A city and a mother in Israel” in which she examines the maternal translator metaphor μητροπολις. You can find all the BLT Greek Isaiah posts here.]

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  1. December 9, 2012 8:56 pm

    This is great! Thanks for putting these together. I’m especially looking forward this week to discussion around the first few verses in Isaiah 2 and their relation to Micah….

  2. December 10, 2012 7:31 am

    Abram, We thank you! You may recall that, in 2007, Suzanne got several of us blogging on Psalm 68, which Tim Bulkeley noted in his Carnival: But I don’t remember such an ambitious project as yours – a planned, manageable public group reading through an entire book of the Bible. (I’ve moved my posts on Greek Isaiah over to another blog for two reasons: 1. I’d set up that blog when intending to read through the LXX one year, so already there are some notes; 2. I don’t want to crowd BLT, since my co-bloggers do so many other things here.)

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