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BLT Named One of the 100 Exceptional Websites for Christian Theologians

December 4, 2012

In October, we noticed that somebody for the Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University has created an online research guide for the Hebrew Bible with a list of “Blogs about Hebrew Bible and Related Topics.”  BLT is included, and we bloggers here are delighted to serve as a resource!

Today, the individuals at Theology Degrees Online listed BLT among their “100 Exceptional Websites for Christian Theologians.”  BLT — described aptly as “a scholarly blog, [where] the material … can take Bible students deeper into understanding the scriptures” — is 9th on the list of websites for “Bible Study.”  We want to thank this group for including our blog with a few other truly exceptional sites.

We are honored and gladly post the badge has issued to us:

Christian Theology

Because my blog Aristotle’s Feminist Subject is also included in this longer list of websites (in the list of “General Christianity” websites), I’ve written a post there at that blog to join with others noting “Exceptional and Exceptionalism: Recovery from Sexism Yet to Do.”

UPDATE:  Mary for has left us this comment here at our About page to explain the processes she and her colleagues used to determine which 100 sites to list:

The sites on the list were selected through a rigorous campaign of research and nomination-seeking. We feel that each site on this final list offers prime examples of high-quality Christian thought and research being published online. Our readers studying Christian theology will undoubtedly benefit from these sites!


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