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Labo(u)r Day blog posts

September 3, 2012

Today is Labor Day in the USA.  On this holiday last year, here at BLT I linked to a little history from a US Department of Labor webpage (and to some bible pages). Today, Bob MacDonald at his blog Dust gives an English and Hebrew series of rhetorical questions on Labour and links to an article on Labour Rights history in British Columbia, Canada. And today, my BLT co-blogger Victoria Gaile Laidler at her blog Gaudete Theology tells of the patron saint of labor (of her childhood) and links to several Catholic articles.

Also today, this Labor Day, I thought you might be interested in the history of Mary Harris, who at age 83 was called by the President of the USA at the time, “the most dangerous woman in America.” She and her family were first Irish before they immigrated first to Canada and then to the USA. They were Catholics, and then she was somewhat of a feminist, this Mother Jones.

Here’s how Ani DiFranco and the late Utah Philips remember her:

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