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Two summer flicks

July 26, 2012

In the suite of the 50 shades kerfuffle, I went to see Hysteria. In spite of its story line – the invention of the vibrator – it is relatively prim and proper, a Victorian chick flick, with a good dollop of early feminism. The sexual theme is tempered with concern for the homeless and getting the vote for women. It is light humour, a film to see with your sister! Lots of chuckles! One tiny detail. It is only very loosely related to historic events.

But can’t one also draw a serious lesson from this film, as one does from 50 shades? If, according to some, the prevalence of BDSM demonstrates that God intended man and woman for authority and submission, then what does the invention of the vibrator teach us about God’s intentions? I would love to hear some of our favourite preachers on this topic. One last question – isn’t that the same tie?

Earlier this summer I saw The Intouchables. This is also a comedy, but in this case, very closely based on real life.

Based on a true story, it’s the feel-good tale of an unlikely friendship between a rich, paraplegic man, Philippe (veteran French actor François Cluzet), and Driss (breakout star Omar Sy), a young black man from the ghetto who is hired to take care of him. The movie has had audiences rolling in the aisles since Day One.

I realize that this movie caused a lot of controversy in the USA, but it was wildly succesful in France. Some felt it sugar-coated being paraplegic, and others that the black star was miscast. For me there was too much humour and affection, sheer joie de vivre in spite of circumstance, for these concerns to spoil my enjoyment of this wonderful film.


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