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Apologies for all the temporary posts

January 25, 2012

I want to apologize for all the temporary posts in the last hour on this blog.  I had some technical difficulties.

I would like to briefly explain the problem for the benefit of others who might have them.

I use Windows Live Writer to prepare most of my posts.  That’s a great tool, and I highly recommend it.  However, last night, for reasons that unclear, the font size changed in Windows Live Writer.   This blog has a default font of Georgia in size 9.7, but it suddenly jumped to size 12.9.

To reset it, I tried to have Windows Live Writer automatically re-detect the correct blog font size.  Unfortunately, those efforts did not work, and they generated a large number of temporary posts.

I tracked down the problem with this post by Noah Coad.  For reasons that are unclear, some application tampered with my registry and changed the default size parameter.  To change it back, I followed the instructions given by Noah:

Ever notice the text or font in applications that use an embedded Internet Explorer just isn’t the right size?  Either too small or large?  I’ve encountered this in a number of apps including Microsoft HTML Help Control (for .chm files), Windows Live Writer, and others.

Since I couldn’t find the answer online, I used my MS resources to track down this issue.  It warrants a blog post to help anyone else investigating this.  What’s going on here is that there is a registry key that defines the default text size for IE6 and earlier.  IE7 kept the old key for embedded browsers but uses a new one for full instances of IE.  Some apps (like Product Studio, an internal MS app) change the regkey without setting it back.  The result is that embedded browsers across your PC now look wrong, and there isn’t an easy way to fix it since embedded browsers don’t usually present a text size option.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\International\Scripts\3
Change IEFontSize to “02 00 00 00” for a Normal Font Size

Again, sorry about all the temporary posts.

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