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Rabbi Marmur writes clearly “through a glass darkly”

December 27, 2011

In his post, “Can the word of God be translated?,” Dow Marmur “rabbi emeritus” at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple concludes:

Apparently, whether or not they approve of the KJV neither believer nor detractor has been able to do without it.

Apparently, even though Rabbi Marmur seems to be a detractor of the King James Version of the Bible, he himself ironically has not been able to do without it. In the middle of his essay, he writes:

Perhaps it’s to eliminate such issues that the synagogue insists on reading scripture in the original. It seems that every translation, however seemingly impressive and ostensibly accurate, will only allow access to the text as if through a glass darkly. Knowledge of Hebrew has, therefore, become a fundamental requirement in Jewish education.

He would be quoting Saul/Paul’s Greek phrase to Korinthian readers — βλεπομεν γαρ αρτι δι εσοπτρου εν αινιγματι (blepomen gar arti di esoptrou en ainigmati) — if he weren’t quoting the KJV phrase from “1 Corinthians 13:12” — “For now we see through a glass, darkly.”  (Here’s the oped article.)

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