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Néojaponisme on 1Q84

December 23, 2011

As part of its wrap up of 2011, Néojaponisme offers a rather complete survey to the English translation of 1Q84 (which we talked about here).  Just one teaser paragraph:

In October, some American bookstores held midnight release parties, and one New York bookstore even bought tacos and beer for customers who had pre-ordered the novel. The critical response to the 900+ page mammoth arrived quickly thanks to review copies that had been issued months earlier. 1Q84 has been included on all of the year-end best of lists by default (Amazon, New York Times, Barnes and Noble, The Economist), and many have lumped it together with Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and George R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons, celebrating the return of the epic five-pound novel.

(Unfortunately, Daniel Morales, the author of this post, was not very careful:  the free tacos and beer were given out at Green Apple Books, a bookstore  in San Francisco, not New York.)

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